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Become a Traditional Bwiti Healer and Certified Iboga Provider with the World's First Shamanic School in Africa. Start Your Career at a Leading Iboga Center or Launch Your Own Practice.


8 weeks training + 4 weeks internship


Cultural immersion & Practical session


Food & accommodation

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Sept 16
Sept 16
3 / 10 spots availables

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Affiliated Center looking for staff & internship.


Alumni start hosting retreats 3 months after graduation.


World’s leading Iboga Centers run by Bwiti House Iboga Provider Training Graduates.

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8-Week Shamanic degree in the Heart of Ancestral Gabon Jungle

Participants gain an in-depth understanding of shamanic practices through a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience.

By the end of the course, students are prepared to plan and lead their own transformative retreats, integrating the profound insights and skills they have acquired.

Gabon Day, ancient Bwiti teachings
bwiti missoko

Live with the guardians of the iboga and discover  the heritage of the pygmies

MISSOKO BWITI specializes in healing and natural medicine, using the Iboga root and thousands of plants along with psycho-spiritual techniques. As the original form of Bwiti taught to the Babongo people over 10,000 years ago, Missoko Bwiti remains pure, protected from French colonial influence.

Unlike other branches, it preserves the original tradition, free from religious and external alterations. Training in Missoko Bwiti respects and supports both the plant and the people who have safeguarded it.


Cultural immersion in Bwiti tradition


Authentic Healing Practices

Moughenda Mikala

Learn how to hold healing & psycho-spiritual ceremony from a 10th Generation Shaman

Our Bwiti Shaman Nima Moughenda Mikala Is known as the gold standard for introducing foreigners to Bwiti Missoko, with over 30 years experience and 10,000 individuals initiated into Iboga.

Receive hands-on training from a shaman with millenials of ancestral knowledge, ensuring authentic and effective ceremony practices.


Cultural immersion in Bwiti tradition


Authentic Healing Practices

why iboga

Iboga retrat: Transforming Lives Worldwide with 10,000 Success Stories

The plant is gaining recognition in the Western world for its benefits in treating chronic anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and addiction.

Since 2012, Moughenda Mikala has initiated more than 10,000 individuals from over 150 countries into Missoko Bwiti with Iboga, helping them achieve significant personal growth and overcome mental health challenges.

The roots of the Iboga plant and the Bwiti tradition date back over 60,000 years to Gabon in Central West Africa.


Iboga : a path to self discovery and ancestral connection


The Gabonese government enshrined Iboga as a national treasure


U.S. stock market investments in Iboga/Ibogaine research total $500 million.

career opportunity

3 reasonS to become a Traditional Bwiti Healer and Certified Iboga Provider

Cultural immersion and personal growth

Training as a traditional Bwiti healer and certified Iboga provider not only equips you with unique skills to address severe conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction but also immerses you in the profound spiritual practices of the Bwiti tradition, enhancing your personal growth and enabling you to facilitate lasting change in others.

Your ticket to change Your Life and others'

In today’s world, where mental health challenges are increasingly prevalent, there exists a profound need for effective, deep-reaching healing methods. Around 1/4 americans have mental illness.

Mental Health Issues: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2021, approximately 22.8% of all U.S. adults were estimated to have any mental illness (AMI).

Open your own Iboga center

Many graduates successfully establish their own healing centers, applying their training to real-world spiritual practices. Since its inception in 2012, Bwiti House has trained dozens of individual providers who are now listed in the Bwiti House Providers Directory.

These providers have collaborated to establish 22 reputable Iboga centers worldwide.

full programm

Iboga Provider Training: Host Your First Retreat in 8 Weeks

Executive Shamanic Education IPT offers an intensive 8-week degree program that is structured around: Theoretical Foundations, Practical Initiations, Leadership Development, and a Capstone Retreat.

Our action-based learning approach is meticulously designed to balance theoretical knowledge with practical application. This ensures that participants acquire hands-on skills that are directly applicable in real-world settings, particularly in managing and conducting Iboga retreats.


Case Studies, workshops & roleplays


Authentic Healing Practices


Host and guide a retreat at the end of program

The program

8 weeks in Moughenda’s village

Arrival in gabon

Aspiring Providers arrive in the vibrant city of Libreville, the gateway to your Shamanic Education Program. The initial day is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable transition into Gabon, setting a calm and welcoming tone for the transformative experience ahead at Bwiti House Gabon.

Reception by Moughenda’s Team: You will be warmly greeted upon arrival at the Airport (LBV) by members of Moughenda's team, ensuring a welcoming start to your journey.

Transfer to Local Hotel: The team will facilitate your transfer to a selected local hotel.

Accommodation Options: A range of lodging options are available to suit different preferences and budgets, with prices varying from $100 to $500 per night. We ask applicant to select one of the following options:
$ Onomo Hotel
$$ Park Inn by Radisson
$$$ Radisson Blu Okoume Palace

Day 1 - Pick up From Your Hotel to Bwiti House Gabon Campus

This first day to Bwiti House Gabon Campus is thoughtfully planned to ease guests into the Shamanic Education Program, fostering a sense of connection, understanding, and preparation for the spiritual journey to come.

Hotel Pick Up in Libreville - 10:00 am:
Embark on your transformative journey with a comfortable and picturesque 3-4 hour drive into the heart of the jungle.

Lunch and Lodge Settling - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm:
Upon arrival, savor a heartening lunch featuring local nurishing meal. Post-lunch, settle into your lodge, your serene home for the program.

⁠Orientation and Village Tour - 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm: Engage in an informative orientation session led by Moughenda, introducing the program's structure and objectives. Follow this with a guided tour of the village, immersing in the local culture and environment.

Afternoon Nap - 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm: Dedicate the afternoon to rest and relaxation in preparation for your first Iboga ceremony. This period of rest is crucial for centering your mind and body.

Getting ready for the ceremony 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm: You will be invited to get ready for the ceremony.

Firetalk with Moughenda - 8:00 pm - 11:00: Your first Iboga ceremony begins, marking your formal introduction to the Bwiti tradition. This immersive experience includes introduction to Bwiti teachings and cultural performances, setting the tone for your transformative journey ahead.

Your Bwiti Initiation starts in the Jungle, featuring a carefully crafted daily schedule. Dive into a rich array of activities including welcoming Bwiti ceremony, full body herbal detox, Psycho-spiritual Iboga ceremonies, traditional Bwiti initiation, counseling, spiritual dinners, jungle exploration, and more. Every day is purposefully designed for deep spiritual growth and healing, with activities like, spiritual showers, group counseling, and fire talks.

At this point, you can decide to not continue the full program after the first 10 days. We will proceed with an immediate refund, excluding the cost of the Bwiti Initiation Level 1.

Mwiri / Niembe Initiation - Level 2

2 Weeks

The Mwiri / Niembé initiation is a profound rite of passage deeply rooted in the Bwiti tradition of Gabon. This sacred ceremony marks a significant spiritual journey, guiding individuals through the transformative process of becoming an adult within the Bwiti community.

The Mwiri/Niembé initiation encompasses an immersive experience of rituals, teachings, and cultural practices, all designed to foster deep spiritual awakening and personal growth. Participants are introduced to the ancient wisdom of the Bwiti, connecting them to their inner selves and the natural world around them.

This initiation not only imparts essential spiritual knowledge but also instills a sense of responsibility and connection to the community, paving the way for a lifetime of spiritual exploration and leadership.

The program includes: Two Spiritual Discovery journey with Iboga, the Mwiri/Niembe Secret Initiation - Rite of Passage, and the opportunity to collect your Bwiti name, genius, and protections (Makimba). Participants will enjoy two weeks of food and lodging, cultural immersion, and a jungle trek.

    Theoretical Elements

    200 Hours

    The theoretical elements - encompass mastering the fundamentals of Bwiti traditions, in-depth studies of medicinal plants and herbalism, comprehensive understanding of Bwiti rituals and ceremonies, and the exploration of cultural expressions such as music, dance, and traditional clothing within the context of spiritual practices.

    Lectures & Q/A at the temple -

    Mastering the fundamentals

    Medicinal plants & herbalism

    Bwiti rituals & ceremonies

    Practical Elements -
Live sessions at the temple

    200 Hours

    Practical Elements - Crisis Management and Ethical Leadership: Practical training in leadership styles, crisis management, safety protocols, and ethical decision-making in a shamanic context.

    LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Plan and execute a small-scale retreat

    CRISIS MANAGEMENT - Learn how to handle crisis situations, use emergency stop techniques, manage spinning effects, and facilitate significant emotional breakthroughs.

    ETHICAL LEADERSHIP - Master the art of oratory, hone empathetic listening, maintain humility, uphold ethical practices, respect cultural traditions, and provide comprehensive support and aftercare for guests.

    all inclusive education

    Everything You Need to Transform Your Career and Life

    Many of our participants arrive at a pivotal moment in their spiritual and professional lives. Our objective at Bwiti House Gabon is to empower them with the skills and confidence needed to navigate these transitions successfully.

    how to apply

    Admission Process

    Admission to the BWITIHOUSE Executive IPT is a 2-4 week process. We have five start dates per year and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Each cohort of 10 students is meticulously selected through competitive interviews, medical and background checks by our Jury.

    Documents you need to complete your application

    Here is the list of all documents you need to provide during the application process:

    • Motivation Letter

    • Health Assessment (Form + EKG + Complete Blood Count)


    Application Form

    Introduce yourself
    Under 48h

    First round interview:

    a 30-minute call with the BwitiHouse Team
    1 week

    Health Assessment

    Send us your medical results for review by our medical team.
    Under 2 weeks

    2nd round Interview

    a 30-minute call with Moughenda
    sept 16th for next cohort

    Pre-selection and official admission

    Gabon Day, ancient Bwiti teachings
    career center

    Helping you advance in your shamanic journey

    Our approach integrates a dedicated shamanic careers curriculum with numerous opportunities to engage with alumni. This ensures that participants can make effective and realistic decisions about their next steps and for the entirety of their professional and spiritual journeys.


    1/2 Students com from US Universities Post Graduated


    22 Iboga Centers in 9 countries looking for providers


    Be part of a community our 1000+ alumni come
    from more than 30 countries

    Success Stories from Our Prestigious Alumni


    your career after bwiti house education

    What Career Opportunities Are Available After Graduating from Bwiti House?

    Iboga Provider: Facilitate Iboga ceremonies for spiritual and mental health.

    What Is the Success Rate of Bwiti House Alumni in the Job Market?

    The success rate of Bwiti House alumni in the job market, while not explicitly quantified, appears promising due to the growing demand for alternative healing practices. Graduates often find roles as Iboga providers, holistic health practitioners, and addiction counselors. The comprehensive training and unique expertise they acquire position them well in wellness, spiritual guidance, and mental health sectors

    How Do Employers View a Qualification from Bwiti House?

    Employers in the wellness and alternative healing sectors generally view a qualification from Bwiti House positively. Graduates are seen as having specialized expertise in administering Iboga and a deep understanding of holistic and spiritual healing practices. The comprehensive and immersive training ensures they are well-prepared for roles as Iboga providers, holistic health practitioners, and addiction counselors, aligning with the growing demand for alternative mental health treatments​.

    How much I can earn after curiculum?

    After completing the curriculum at Bwiti House, certified Iboga providers can expect to earn between $58,000 and $70,000 annually. Specialized roles in holistic health can reach up to $150,000, depending on location, experience, and practice success. Earnings can increase further through reputable practice and specialized retreats.​

    Can I Open My Own Healing Center After Graduation?

    Yes, after graduating from Bwiti House and becoming a certified Iboga provider, you can open your own healing center. The comprehensive training equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct Iboga ceremonies and provide holistic healing services. Opening your own center will allow you to offer personalized treatments, retreats, and wellness programs, leveraging your specialized expertise in Iboga and Bwiti traditions. This can be a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career path, especially given the growing demand for alternative and holistic health solutions.

    How Do I Apply My Bwiti House Education in a Professional Setting?

    You can apply your Bwiti House education professionally by opening a healing center where you offer Iboga ceremonies, holistic health consultations, and wellness programs. Joining wellness centers to collaborate and provide alternative healing services is another option. Additionally, organizing retreats and workshops focused on Iboga therapy and holistic wellness allows you to facilitate immersive healing experiences. Providing individual consultations to guide clients through their healing journeys, including preparation, sessions, and integration, is also a key application. Lastly, you can educate and advocate by sharing your knowledge through public speaking, writing, and teaching about the benefits of Iboga and holistic healing practices.


    Transform Your Life and Elevate Your Career

    If you’re passionate about becoming an Iboga provider and distinguished Bwiti Missoko Ambassador, we invite you to apply for a consultation with our career expert. During this call, you can discuss your aspirations, receive personalized guidance, and explore how our comprehensive training program can help you achieve your goals.

    Included in the program

    All you need to start your career as provider.

    Cultural immersion & Practical session


    8 weeks training +  internship (Optional)


    Bwiti Initiations (Bwiti, Maboundi, Niembe, Mwiri)


    Food & accommodation


    Jungle treck, firetalks lectures


    Enhance leadership skills & Personal transformation


    Get a new job and change your life


    Career Center and alumni network


    Provider kit ($2500) to run your retreat



    Next cohort
    3 / 10 spots available
    Sept 16
    Sept 16
    3 / 10 spots availables

    Tuition Fee

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    Enroll now to get a free discovery call with our career leader.
    Our prices increase by 5% each year to meet the growing demand.

    “The Village Saved My Life:  I was impressed with the caring nature of each member of the village. Everybody I encountered was deeply knowledgeable, kind, thorough and committed to helping people heal. I’ve never met a more devoted group of people like the Missoko Bwiti in Moughenda’s Village. Thank you Moughenda, Bossengue, Manimha, Lucien and all the beautiful people who supported me in my journey!

    Pamela M. Rosario Pérez

    Iboga Provider Training Graduate 2023
Harvard University Graduate

    "After leaving the military, I felt lost, depressed, and anxious, struggling with PTSD and a negative self-view. Despite trying various remedies, I found no peace or happiness. My search for healing ended in Gabon, where I found the missing piece. For those in similar situations or interested in plant medicine, Moughenda’s village is the place to go. Though traveling to Africa might seem daunting, it’s worth it. Moughenda and his team care for you from the moment you arrive in Libreville. They picked me up from the airport, took me to my hotel, and then to the village, where I felt at home. Working with Iboga at its source was incredibly powerful, and I am deeply grateful for the insights it provided."

    Cory Poolman

    Iboga Provider Training Graduate 2020
US Navy Seal Veteran

    “In 2014, I discovered profound healing through the Bwiti tradition in Costa Rica, which led me to further training at Moughenda’s village in Gabon. This transformative journey culminated in 2020 with comprehensive training in Gabon, Africa, deepening my understanding and ability to share these healing practices with others. Embracing the teachings, I gained invaluable insights and personal growth.”

    Adele Emelson (DINZONA)

    Founder of Iboga Temple (Calgary, Canada)
Iboga Provider Training Graduate 2020