Iboga: The Sacred Heart of Bwiti Missoko Tradition in Gabon

Iboga, a powerful shrub native to the lush rainforests of Gabon, Central West Africa, holds a pivotal place in the ancient Bwiti Missoko tradition.

Understanding Iboga:

Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga) thrives in the unique ecosystem of Gabon. The plant's medicinal and spiritual potency lies in the bark of its root, traditionally scraped, then either finely ground or brewed into a potent tea. This preparation is integral to the Bwiti Missoko tradition, a practice deeply rooted in the pursuit of spiritual truth and enlightenment.

The Bwiti Missoko Tradition:

The Bwiti, indigenous to Gabon, Central West Africa, have honored and utilized Iboga in their ceremonies for millennia. This tradition, far from being a mere religious practice, is a spiritual path seeking truth and understanding. The teachings of the Bwiti, known to be imparted by the Spirit of Iboga itself, are a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom, offering profound insights into life and existence.

The Symbiosis of Iboga and Bwiti:

In the Bwiti Missoko tradition, Iboga is not just a plant but a spiritual entity, a guide leading practitioners to deeper self-awareness and understanding. This symbiotic relationship is so integral that separating Iboga from the Bwiti tradition would strip it of its essence and power. The Bwiti have been the custodians of Iboga, ensuring that its use remains pure, respectful, and true to its ancient roots.

The Importance of Authentic Practice:

For foreigners seeking Iboga experiences, it is crucial to engage with authentic Shaman like Moughenda Mikala or Certified Iboga Providers. The Bwiti Missoko tradition, preserved in its pure form in Gabon, offers a safe and genuine environment for Iboga initiation. Under the guidance of an experienced Shaman or a Certified Iboga Provider, participants can safely navigate the powerful spiritual journey that Iboga facilitates.


Iboga, more than just a plant, is a gateway to spiritual enlightenment within the Bwiti Missoko tradition. Its careful and respectful use under the guidance of shamans like Moughenda Mikala in Gabon ensures a safe, authentic experience. Embracing this millennia-old tradition offers a unique opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom and embark on a profound spiritual journey.

Bwiti House Iboga Retreat


The age-old Bwiti Teachings, bestowed upon the original Bwiti people by the Spirit of Iboga, serve as the golden keys to attaining enduring healing and serenity. These teachings encapsulate fundamental truths that illuminate the essence of life, the human identity, our overarching purpose, and the workings of the mind. It's less about acquiring new knowledge, and more about rekindling our intrinsic understanding at a natural, core level both individually and collectively.

These teachings act like a finely-tuned set of maintenance tools, which when employed, cultivate daily enjoyment of life and peace of mind. The timeless relevance of these teachings stems from the unchanging nature of human beings, irrespective of the era - be it 10,000 years ago or in contemporary times.

Despite the ever-evolving world, the human psyche remains constant, as does the unalterable truth. The teachings, in their inherent simplicity, are effortlessly comprehensible, embodying the straightforward nature of truth.

Gabon Day, ancient Bwiti teachings

The Increasing Recognition of Iboga

The Bwiti Missoko people have safeguarded the Iboga tradition and its knowledge for over 10,000 years. Recently, however, the Spirit of Iboga communicated to the Bwiti Missoko leaders about the increasing global challenges related to mental health, addiction, and personal trauma, especially in Western societies. Following this guidance, Moughenda Mikala, a 10th Generation Missoko Bwiti Shaman, decided to share the Iboga experience and the revered Bwiti Missoko tradition in its most authentic form with a broader audience.

In a relatively brief period, Iboga's use has swiftly garnered attention and spread across various countries due to its undeniable healing prowess and transformative impact. "Ibogaine," an extracted alkaloid from Iboga, has been making waves in the realm of clinical research and trials within modern western medicine, particularly for substance addiction detoxification. However, by isolating alkaloids from Iboga, the essence of the Spirit is lost. While Ibogaine is effective in physically detoxing addicts, alleviating the dreaded withdrawal symptoms and providing a clean slate for new choices, it lacks the holistic healing essence.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A significant and common misjudgment in the modern western medical approach is the disregard for the Spirit in Ibogaine, given it's merely a single alkaloid extraction from the natural Iboga plant. While Ibogaine treatment may fully detoxify the physical body, the necessary healing on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to prevent future relapses is not achieved. The root cause of addiction remains unaddressed. Hence, it's highly recommended to follow up Ibogaine treatment with traditional Iboga ceremonies (medicine imbued with the Spirit) to ensure enduring, positive outcomes.


Iboga is often revered as the paramount entity in the realm of plant medicines, boasting a healing prowess that stands unrivaled. This master plant harmoniously embodies both male and female spirits. The medicinal essence of Iboga is derived from the bark of its root, symbolizing its intrinsic ability to delve straight to the "root" of ailments. Much like the meticulous process of weeding, where extracting the root is crucial to prevent regrowth, Iboga operates on a similar premise. Its intelligence in pinpointing exactly what requires healing facilitates profound shifts within the individual.

Uniquely, Iboga is the sole plant medicine known to impart healing across the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual spectrums. It transcends communication barriers by resonating with the language of truth, and engages with you through the lexicon of your personal life experiences.



Liberate yourself from physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual hurdles that hinder your joy and peace of mind. Achieving healing across these dimensions triggers substantial positive transformations in all life facets (career, relationships, finances, health, and pursuit of passion and purpose).


  • Comprehensive Body Detoxification

  • Environmental Toxin Cleansing

  • Drug/Substance Purification

  • Fungal Inhibition

  • Bacterial Counteraction

  • Viral Suppression

  • Chronic Pain Alleviation

  • Enhanced Neuro-plasticity

  • Neurotransmitter Reset

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Restoration

  • Auto-Immune Disease Amelioration

  • Parkinson’s Disease Treatment


  • Trauma and PTSD Healing

  • Depression and Anxiety Alleviation

  • Recovery from Various Addictions

  • Social Media Dependency Treatment

  • Eating Disorder Remediation

  • Release of Unhealthy Attachments

  • Severance of Attachments to the Deceased

  • Purging Negative Thought Patterns

  • Pattern Disruption

  • Grounding and Centering

  • Boosts Emotional Resilience and Security

  • Fosters Self-Love

  • Delivers Truth and Answers

  • Clarifies Mind

  • Instills Peace of Mind

  • Enhances Life Enjoyment


  • Spiritual Cleansing

  • Spiritual Renewal

  • Connecting with Your True Self/Soul

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Communion with Departed Loved Ones

  • Third Eye Awakening

  • Spiritual and Self Discovery

  • Spiritual Grounding


Clear away the clutter in your mind to see clearly what your heart really wants. This is for those who didn't face serious hardships growing up, but still find it hard to find what makes them happy or to live a life filled with joy and peace. Getting a hold of your thoughts and learning new things means finding your strength.

  • Find Purpose, Clarity and Answers

  • Third Eye Awakening

  • Get Unstuck

  • Smooth Life Transition

  • Gain Control from Your Mind

  • Find Your Power

  • Recover After a Break-Up

  • Rest and Rejuvenation

  • Connection to Heart/Soul

  • Discover Who You Truly Are

  • Discover What You Truly Want


Discover why you feel “called.” For those who feel an intuitive pull towards (or from) Iboga or the Bwiti tradition. It is always safe to follow your intuition. This is your soul speaking to you.

Come and discover why.

WHAT IBOGA IS NOT: Iboga is not a magic pill. Iboga works with you and will not take your free will, therefore, a true readiness and willingness is required. Iboga meets you halfway and can only assist your healing as far as you are willing to help yourself. Oftentimes, this means being willing to see the truth that lies at the core-center of your wounding and then powerfully committing to making an ongoing set of new choices, based in truth, that will lead to a new landscape of happiness and peace of mind.

IS IBOGA SAFE? Taken after the necessary precautions with health assessment, EKG and medications review, and under the care of a legitimate, trained provider or shaman in a safe and appropriate environment, Iboga is 100% safe.

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