10th Gen Missoko Bwiti Shaman

is known as the gold standard for introducing foreigners to bwiti missoko, with over 30 years experience and 10,000 individuals initiated into Iboga. For those seeking Bwiti initiation, healing, or training, he is the authentic gateway to truth.



Embark on a transformative journey with Moughenda Mikala, a renowned 10th generation Missoko Bwiti shaman, whose unique approach to traditional healing and ancient Bwiti teachings has drawn people from around the globe. Nestled in the heart of Gabon, Africa, Moughenda's village offers a rare opportunity to experience authentic shamanic healing, detoxification, and spiritual enlightenment.

Early Life and Training:

Moughenda's extraordinary journey began even before his birth, foretold by his grandfather, a high shaman. Ingesting Iboga, a sacred plant, during his mother's pregnancy, Moughenda's connection with shamanic practices started in utero. Apprenticing under his maternal grandfather from a young age, he underwent decades of rigorous training and initiations, eventually ascending as the lead shaman in his community.

Bwiti Tradition and Iboga Medicine:

For over 10,000 years, the Bwiti and Pygmy peoples have closely guarded the sacred secrets of the Bwiti tradition and Iboga medicine. Moughenda, after profound guidance from the medicine spirit, ventured beyond Gabon to study Western culture and languages. His 14-year sojourn across the United States, Central America, and Canada allowed him to understand and heal the mental and emotional ailments prevalent in Western societies.

Pioneering Shamanic Healing for the World:

Moughenda stands as the first Bwiti shaman to welcome foreigners into the fold of this ancient tradition. He developed a groundbreaking system that marries Bwiti shamanic practices with the needs of Western psychology. This system, now a cornerstone for many Iboga practitioners worldwide, offers a unique pathway to healing and spiritual growth.

Moughenda's Return and Global Invitation:

Today, Moughenda resides in his ancestral village in Gabon, opening its doors to international visitors. The village hosts psycho-spiritual healing retreats, Rites of Passage, Bwiti Initiations, and Iboga provider training. These programs are not just healing retreats but life-altering experiences, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and tailored to address modern challenges.


Moughenda Mikala's unparalleled success in detoxification and spiritual guidance, stemming from a lineage of shamanic wisdom, offers a unique opportunity for those seeking authentic healing and spiritual growth. His village, a sanctuary of traditional Bwiti teachings, welcomes you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Visit Moughenda's village and immerse yourself in an ancient tradition that has been healing and enlightening souls for millennia.

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Bwiti is not a religion, but a traditional spiritual path of self-discovery that originated in Gabon, Central West Africa and has been practiced by many indigenous tribes for thousands of years. Unlike religion, Bwiti does not involve faith or a collective belief system but offers a first-hand spiritual experience with the aid of the Iboga plant. For the Bwiti, the common thread that runs through all branches or tribes is the Iboga plant which is the sacrament, medicine, and teacher.

Iboga information, but instead about remembering who we truly are at a core, nature-level both as individuals and as a collective. translates to “the study of life” or “the school of life” and those that follow the Bwiti tradition are simply students of life. Iboga medicine and the Bwiti tradition do not belong to a specific group or race of people and is open to anyone who approaches it with respect and humility.

Bwiti translates to “the study of life” or “the school of life” and those that follow the Bwiti tradition are simply students of life. Iboga medicine and the Bwiti tradition do not belong to a specific group or race of people and is open to anyone who approaches it with respect and humility.


Today, there are many branches of Bwiti that have evolved and spread throughout Gabon, Africa and around the world, each with defining characteristics and practices. What sets Missoko Bwiti apart is that it is the original form of the tradition that has been preserved, unchanged, and passed down for generation upon generation. The Bwiti do not write anything down which means that their knowledge, wisdom, medicines, and methods are shared and passed down orally, breath to breath.

Bwiti was kept secret for centuries because of deep opposition from colonial missionary campaigns. Missoko Bwiti has survived completely intact which is a testament of their resilience, strength of character, and commitment to the traditional ways.


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The Ancient Bwiti Teachings were taught to the original Bwiti people by the Spirit of Iboga and have been passed down orally within the Bwiti tradition. The teachings are part of the medicine and function as a perfect set of maintenance tools that when applied consistently, result in the enjoyment of life and peace of mind. The reason these teachings could be applied to the humans of 10,000 years ago and to the humans of the modern-day is that although the world around us changes, the nature of human beings never changes. The way the human mind works never changes. The truth never changes. The teachings are refreshingly simple and easy to grasp (as the truth always is).

For the Bwiti, there is only one prayer and that is “thank you for this day.” The Bwiti truly understand the gift that is life and celebrate the rising of the sun each day as it means the opportunity of another day to enjoy the gift of life.

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