‘Those treatments saved my life’: The Veterans Turning to Psychedelic Treatments for PTSD Healing

A New Hope in the Battle Against PTSD
Can psychedelic therapies offer a breakthrough in the battle against PTSD? An increasing number of veterans and medical professionals believe so. The story of Cory Poolman, a Navy SEAL veteran, highlights this shift. After a challenging Iboga ceremony in Mexico, Poolman experienced what he describes as a spiritual awakening, offering him a new perspective on life.

From Darkness to Light
Suffering from depression and anxiety post-service, Poolman's journey through the depths of his psyche during his first Iboga experience marked the beginning of significant mental health improvements. He, along with others, believes that psychedelics can help veterans regain control over their minds, quieting negative self-talk.

A Tradition of Healing
In Gabon, Poolman and "Hal," a former Army Ranger, trained under a 10th-generation Bwiti Shaman to learn how to conduct traditional Bwiti Iboga ceremonies. This practice, deeply embedded in the spiritual traditions of Central West Africa, uses the psychedelic Iboga plant to promote health and happiness.

The Psychedelic Renaissance
This movement is part of a broader "psychedelic renaissance," where research and support for psychedelic therapies are growing, fueled partly by veterans seeking healing. High-profile supporters like Rick Perry and Dan Crenshaw advocate for more research and legislative support for these therapies.

Veterans' Lifeline
Veterans like Marcus Capone, who struggled with PTSD and brain injury, credit psychedelic therapies with saving their lives. Through organizations like Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), many have accessed treatments that traditional medicine couldn't provide.

Looking Forward
The article underscores a crucial turning point in mental health treatment, emphasizing the potential of psychedelics not just for veterans, but for anyone struggling with mental health issues. The hope is that these therapies will become more widely accessible, offering new paths to healing and wellness.
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