Enhancing Physician Well-being with Sudarshan Kriya Yoga

In the demanding realm of healthcare, the psychological welfare of physicians is a crucial aspect that often receives insufficient attention. Recently, a study highlighted the positive outcomes of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) on physician wellness, underscoring its effectiveness in reducing mental health struggles commonly encountered by medical professionals.

SKY's Reduction of Psychological Distress

The introduction of SKY to physicians led to a noteworthy decline in stress, depression, and anxiety levels. Quantified by the 42-item Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale, the improvements persisted, demonstrating significant reductions even eight weeks after completing the intervention. This finding is indicative of SKY’s lasting impact on alleviating psychological distress among physicians.

Sleep Improvement and Professional Rejuvenation through SKY

Participants extended beyond just experiencing mental health benefits. Reports from the SKY training group disclosed a substantial dip in insomnia symptoms, correlating with a rise in professional fulfillment. Moreover, notable declines were seen in work-related exhaustion, interpersonal disengagement, and overall burnout rates. These broader benefits suggest that SKY may play a pivotal role in enhancing job satisfaction and engagement for healthcare providers.

SKY’s Role as a Preventive Medicine Strategy for Physician Burnout

The study positions SKY as a potent, time-efficient tool ideal for improving the overall well-being of physicians. While not influencing the reported rate of medical errors, SKY still stands as a strong candidate for preventive medicine. It offers a solution capable of curtailing the deleterious effects of chronic stress and burnout among medical practitioners.


Exploring the correlations between Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and physician well-being reveals the profound capability of preventive, integrative practices in fostering a healthier medical community. In an era where the mental load of healthcare professionals can often go unnoticed or unaddressed, techniques such as SKY provide a beacon of support and recovery.

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